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                                               Company Instruction

   Longkou Longxingda Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is located in the Bohai Sea and beautiful open port city - Longkou City, specialized in producing industrial fans and industrial heaters. The factory covers an area of 16,000 square meters, existing building area of 15,000 square meters, do micro-motor, industrial fan, industrial fuel/gas/electric heater and other product’s development-design-manufacture and sales, and the products have exported to United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Austrilia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries now.  The company can produce micro-motor with an annual output 800,000 units, industrial fan and fuel/gas/electric heater with an annual output 200,000 units, the value can reach 80 million.

  The company was founded in 2006 which built by original JINLONG’s technical fan group, based on previous method “Heavy r&d, quality, market”, added“Quality, integrity, harmony, innovation”, depond on years’s experience, excellent technical research and powerful economy, to make the company get a long term and rapid development.

  The variety of products from Longxingda have passed  CE, cETLus, SAA, RoHS, PAHS, EMC, EMF, MD etc export certification. With its excellent quality, integrity business and perfect after-sale service to win a widely recognization from the customer at domestic and overseas, and the market’s occupancy, company’s popularity, good economic and social benefits has been improved greatly.

   Facing to future, Longkou Longxingda Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd will do best to make company’s reform and innovation and sustainable development. To further develop the company’s comprehensive competitive advantage, shape and cultivate the core competitiveness of company, then to meet the greater development and make the best products going to all over the world from Longxingda.

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